Servicing and repairs

Comprehensive boiler and central heating servicing

Regular servicing is really important as boilers have to operate within specific ranges to ensure safety and correct operation

Servicing check list

  • Our engineer will inspect your Boiler and controls inspection to ensure correct operation.
  • Check for water and combustion leaks including corrosion.
  • Remove the casing to inspect and check functioning of its main components
  • Inspect the main heat exchanger if required.
  • Clean any parts as required including main heat exchanger and condense trap.
  • Gas pressure check to ensure it has the correct pressure.
  • Check all case seals.
  • Flue gas analysis including an oxygen test to ensure correct operation.

We will leave you with a certificate confirming the safety of your boiler

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Same day boiler repair

We aim to repair your boiler the same day we deal with leaking boilers, faulty pumps and fans, problems with either the hot water or central heating not firing up, sludge and clogged boilers or heating systems.